Can the Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System help with recurrent ovarian cysts? 


The CrMS enables the identification of various types of ovarian cysts; persistent follicular cysts and persistent luteal cysts. By understanding the formation of these functional cysts, which are the result of an underlying hormonal dysfunction,  the need for surgical interventions can be greatly reduced. A great majority of women with functional ovarian cysts will not require surgery.  

The dysfunctional hormone patterns that causes functional cysts tend to be repetitive thus the cysts will be recurrent. Because they are recurrent, a form of treatment designed to suppress ovarian function, oral contraceptives, has be promoted by physicians. However, this doesn't fix the underlying problem and by suppressing an already dysfunctional pattern it may be even more detrimental.  With the CrMS a woman can be taught how to identify functional cysts and with the help of a medical consultant, receive the proper hormonal treatment. Recurrent ovarian cysts can be controlled on a long term basis and with time improved ovarian function results.