When my husband and I got married, I was in my mid 30s. Hoping to have a family, we decided to be open to life immediately. Our hopes were dashed 4 months later when we discovered we were pregnant only to miscarry the next day. After several months of trying again we realized we were going to need some help. We took a diocesan NFP course which taught the sympto-thermal method. Charting was difficult for me due to the irregularities of my cycle. At the end of the course, the instructor gave us a list of further resources to help us in our efforts to conceive. One of them, was the name of a doctor who practiced NAPROtechnology. Although he was based in Winston-Salem and we live in Durham, the drive seemed worth it. After describing to him some of my issues, he advised me to have surgery to remove my endometriosis. So in August 2012 I underwent surgery which successfully removed much of the endometriosis which had probably been plaguing me with severe PMS and cramps for most of my life. After surgery I was eagerly anticipating getting pregnant. Months went by and I grew more disappointed. My doctor had advised me to learn the Creighton method of NFP,  but not liking to chart, I had avoided it. After three months I realized that was a mistake and took his advice and contacted Sandy. Learning to chart revealed several issues I was having as well as made it very clear when we should try to get pregnant. To our delight, five months later and the first cycle where we really had the opportunity to try, we had a positive pregnancy test! Our baby girl was born on January 3, 2014. We are so grateful to Sandy, the developers of the Creighton method and NAPROtechnology for making this possible!


Words cannot express our gratitude to the Physicians and researchers who have developed the Creighton Model System (CrMS) & NaProTechnology. Our FertilityCare Practitioner actually predicted that we were at risk for our 1st miscarriage before it occurred through our CrMS chart.  This surprised our OB since we had 3 previous healthy pregnancies.  Following our second miscarriage we had a full NaProTechnology bloodwork-up performed and treatment to normalize my wife's hormonal defects and started Aspirin because of a discovered clotting risk.  We have since had a healthy baby boy with no complications during the pregnancy!  We would highly recommend the CrMS and NPT (if needed for OB/GYN care) for all women and couples.